Wonderful Colorado! & musings on the evolving CBD scene. The Genie has been let out of the bottle.

I love Colorado!  The picture you see above shows the Colorado Springs Incline. It’s kind of an icon here in Colorado. You can drive up Pikes Peak or you can walk up the Incline to get to the top. What views!  Since I just broke my foot, I won’t be climbing the Incline soon, but I know several people who have set a goal of making it up the hard way and were successful. Hi Diane! (She made it to the top.) The altitude at the top is  8,590 feet high and the trek covers a 2,000 foot climb in just 9/10 of a mile.

I also love Colorado because it’s so progressive. The laws on CBD are more friendly here than in any other state.  People seem to be a little more adventurous, we like to push the envelope a bit and are willing to try new things. Some people have moved their families to Colorado because of our pro CBD stance and the benefits it gives for homeostasis, pain relief &  anxiety, not to mention the savings on medical bills. I find great comfort knowing I’m using an all natural product that’s responsibly grown in Colorado, is safe, legal and substantially helps most people with anxiety, focus, pain and has no side effects. What’s not to like?

The most CBD unfriendly states are Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska. It makes no sense that CBD, a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, would be withheld from the people in those states.  However, I’m confident they will eventually wake up. As they say in this industry, the genie has been let out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back in.  

I’ve always enjoyed reading reviews, so I’ll end this blog with a few. They absolutely help me in my decision making.  Here are a few I’ll leave you with….


CBD Muscle Salve

I not only purchased this for me, but my 80+ year old father-in-law who also agrees it works. Buy it and say, “Thank you.” It’s the right thing to do. When something works, I think we just need to say it works. This works.                 Elizabeth C.   Verified Buyer
Miracle pain relief!

Body Creme 500 is gentle and is providing long-lasting pain relief! My husband has intense pain above his tailbone. Over at least ten years he has seen specialists, tried different shots including Chortizone and Botox, varrious medications, heatpads, and seat cushions, with little relief. After one application of the Body Creme 500 he felt relief and has been using it for the past month. Even using the creme liberally, we are amazed at how a little goes a long way!   Ruth K ,  Verified Buyer

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