Water soluble cbd recommended by Dr. Rosenberg, Cancer specialist

Dr. Rosenberg on YouTube.

Dr. Rosenberg, cancer specialist, talks about the current superiority and future possibilities of Water Soluble CBD.

We agree with him, Mahoney Limited’s Drink Mix is water soluble, it’s called BERRY BRIGHT, and is our first product, so far, to use this nano technology. BERRY BRIGHT comes in Packets and a 15 serving size. The Packets are pre-measured for convenience and the larger size has 15 servings in a Portable Silver Tin.

Water Soluble CBD Drink Packets
Berry Bright Water Soluble CBD Drink Mix
What is micelle technology?
Micelle Water Soluble Technology (MWST)

According to ADM Labs, our Denver Water Soluble CBD Supplier,  Micelle Technology:

  • Prevents Oil/Water Phase Separation
  • Increases Solublility
  • Increases Stability of Actives
  • Increases Clarity
  • Increases Bioavailability

A simple way to explain the technology:  the MWST is producing micelles which mimic the body’s natural producing micelle function (inside the body) necessary to absorb fat soluble actives into the body. Research has demonstrated that micelles improve the oral bio-availability of water insoluble compounds such as cannabinoids/CBD, up to 8 times A, B, C, D, E (800%) when compared to non-encapsulated fat soluble compounds. – ADM LABS 2019

Water Soluble CBD  is more bio-available and it’s metabolized almost immediately, making it a smart choice to add to a water bottle right before a workout or to sip on throughout  the day at work or home.

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