Body Creme 500


Body Creme 500 is a light, easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory CBD Infused Creme for use on your sore muscles and achy joints, old injuries,  arthritis pain and chronic muscle pain.

Body Creme 500

Body Creme + CBD is  light and easily absorbed. It’s a CBD Infused Creme to use on your sore muscles and achy joints. Use it for old injuries, arthritis and chronic muscle  pain. Your arthritis needs this Body Creme 500.  CBD is a known anti-inflammatory,  used in reducing pain and achiness. Our Body Creme 500 has a whopping 500 mg of CBD! Our customers have reported dropping OTC pain meds in favor of this organic, natural alternative, similarly, has much to say about the healing benefits of CBD.

Pair Body Creme + 500 CBD with our Nourishing Night Cream for round the clock calm and healing.

Body Creme 500 is made with Olive oil, natural Beeswax, natural Kokum butter, organic lavender essential oil and Optiphem Oil, a natural preservative.  All of Mahoney Limited’s products are paraben and formaldehyde-free.


5 star rating    Scott S.     08/22/19
I love this Creme!
I love this Cream because it really helps the arthritis in my hands. It smells great and is luxurious feeling.”
Love it!
Miracle pain relief!


Body Creme 500 is gentle and is providing long-lasting pain relief! My husband has intense pain above his tailbone. Over at least ten years he has seen specialists, tried different shots including Cortisone and Botox, various medications, heatpads, and seat cushions, with little relief. After one application of the Body Creme 500 he felt relief. He has been using it for the past month. Even using the creme liberally, we are amazed at how a little goes a long way!