Hello and Welcome!

If you’re looking for natural, healthy CBD products for you and your loved ones,  you’ve come to the right place!

All of our products are handmade in beautiful Castle Rock and Larkspur, Colorado, by Mary Boumeester. We use natural and organic ingredients. Our CBD products are made with 99% + pure CBD Isolate!  Our isolate is organically grown right here in Colorado, harvested using the critical CO2 extraction method. The purity of our products is assured, since every batch is double lab tested.

  “First, the isolate from the local farm is tested

             before it gets to be used it in our products. Then our

             final product is tested again, before it gets to you.

A little about me

I have been a user of Mahoney products for many years and even have grown hemp with my husband, Chris, for Products by Mahoney Ltd.  When Joan decided to retire, I was happy to step into her shoes and to carry on the company and vision of helping people find relief through CBD.  Having farmed and used CBD for many years, I am a knowledgeable believer in the products we sell and am excited to bring high quality, family safe products to the market.  I had a series of chronic illnesses (MCAS, POTS, dysautonomia) that left me bed bound and very ill at the prime of life with three young children.  One major facet of my healing journey included CBD, and it was this doctor recommendation that led my husband to farm hemp for CBD and eventually here to Products by Mahoney Ltd.  

CBD was an integral piece of my recovery process.  CBD is a histamine inhibitor and when my body was at war with everything I breathed and ingested, it helped to calm my cytokine storm raging within every system in my body.  By adding CBG I was able to help my nervous system recover from a full onslaught of battle and see through a dense brain fog that I walked in daily.  When word recall and coherent sentences became an issue, I tried CBG and the difference was profound.  I want to share these amazing alternatives with you.  

I want to tell you why I use Products by Mahoney Ltd. tincture every day. It’s because CBD is my answer, a natural alternative, to taking so many prescription medications. In fact, I am not only pharma-free, I am now upright, mobile, and able to live a life free of the tethers of chronic illness.  Diet and CBG have profoundly impacted my every day and I have learned that quality in equals quality out.  The quality of our tinctures is very important to me.   I want clean consistency in what I use and in what I sell.  

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please, tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.   Mary Boumeester, Larkspur, CO.