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Your 4 Comfort Bundle


The Comfort Bundle

1000 mg CBD Tincture

SPA CBD Infused Bath Soak

REVIVE CBD Infused Massage Oil

Body Creme 500 mg CBD

Your 4  Comfort Bundle!

Know anyone who needs a little comforting?

This Your 4 Comfort Bundle is here for a limited time only!

You get:   

1000 mg CBD Tincture

SPA CBD Infused Bath Soak

REVIVE CBD Infused Massage Oil – 1 oz

Body Creme 500 mg

What a deal! This is a limited time offer. Get all of your favorites in one Your 4 Comfort Bundle.  And they’re on sale!

Here’s a possible scenario.

It’s  been a tough day. Then you remember your CBD Comfort Bundle.  Start the bath water, very warm, fill it up, add SPA CBD Infused bath soak and zone out for 20 minutes or more. There….. you’re beginning to feel much better.  Dry off and reach for the REVIVE. Oh my!   This stuff smells so good. Rub it on your shoulders, neck, arms and ankles. Really. After Dinner, while you’re relaxing a bit, open the Body Creme 500 and rub it in wherever you feel stress or pain.  Oh yea….    Getting close to bedtime?  One dropperful of 1000mg CBD Tincture. Hello calm.

Ridiculous right?

Who takes a bath as soon as they get home from work?  So, if that’s not your style, use Your 4 Comfort Bundle this way:  First take  1000 mg CBD Tincture, as soon as you get home, one dropperful under the tongue.  Next reach for the Body Creme 500, just a dab, and rub it in, massaging anywhere you feel stress or aches or pain.  Take two minutes and just keep massaging it in.  Now we’re getting there. Time for REVIVE CBD  Infused Massage Oil, this is an energizer. Massage it gently on your forehead, temples, sides of your eyes, under your ears and on your neck and throat. Welcome calm. Hydrate with a glass of water. Save that CBD Infused SPA Bath Soak for right before bed and enjoy the restful night’s sleep ahead!

So many possibilities.

Listen to your body, do what you need to do to take care of your stress. Everyone around you will get the benefits as well, once you’ve got your calm back!

Know someone who could use a Your 4 Comfort Bundle?  We ship for free.


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