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$139 CBD Gift Set


-1000MG CBD Tincture

-Large Muscle Salve

-525 mg CBD;CBG Body Creme

CBD Gift Set

$139 CBD Package Set

Give the gift of relief, inside and out. Body Creme, Tincture & Salve!
Body Creme 525

This is a light, easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory CBD and CBG Infused Creme for use on your sore muscles and achy joints. Use it on new and old injuries, arthritis & muscle pain. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, it’s used in reducing pain and achiness. This Body Creme has a whopping 500 mg of CBD and 25 mg of CBG. Customers have reported dropping OTC pain meds in favor of this organic, natural alternative.

1000 mg CBD Tincture in  CBD GIFT SET

CBD Tinctures are the way to fight inflammation internally. Please see the Mayo Clinic’s guidelines for their suggestions on dosing.  Our CBD tinctures have only 2 ingredients, CBD Isolate (99%+ pure) and organic coconut oil. One serving is one dropperful (1ml). There are 30 servings per 1oz. bottle.

The flavor is very mild, with just a hint of coconut from the organic coconut oil. CBD Isolate has no flavor and we do not add any flavors or colors. This tincture comes in a 1 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle. Please keep away from extreme temperatures and use within 1 year. Shake well before using.

CBD Muscle Salve, our best selling product in this  CBD GIFT SET

This $139  CBD Gift Set includes Our CBD Infused Muscle Salve is designed to pamper your skin while delivering a potent dose of CBD. It is hand made with argan organic oil as well as skin-loving olive oil and beeswax. We also add some organic peppermint essential oil to help it penetrate into your skin. (1.25oz – 125mg CBD).

This is an amazing tin of muscle pain relief.  To get the best results when using Mahoney Limited CBD Infused Muscle Salve, rub it in right at the point of pain. Give it more than just a quick pass. It is important to know how to use CBD Products effectively. In this case, the secret is to rub it in well. Use this salve for pulled muscles, back pain, stiff neck…. anywhere your muscles hurt.

This $139 CBD Package is perfect for that person who needs relief inside and out.



  • Locally sourced from Colorado farmers
  • Non GMO
  • Organically Grown
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Lab-tested for purity