CBD – How Will I know it’s working?

We all naturally have CBD receptors in our bodies. Once we’ve assimilated CBD into our system, it begins to balance, calm, relieve pain and can help neurologically. There is a lot of experiential evidence of this phenomenon. Some evidence is backed by testing and research, but we need more studies. Unfortunately, large pharmaceuticals do most of the medical testing and that isn’t in their best interest in the case of CBD. We do know this: CBD targets pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia and muscle aches. It’s been approved by the FDA for children with epilipsy with science backed results..  Please read the many reviews on this site and all over the web. Real people are getting real results.

Our suggestion is to pay attention to your body. After one or two days on CBD tinctures, you should begin to notice, appreciate and experience a positive change. Dosage is important! Always start low and if you experience no relief or just a small amount, after one day, increase the dosage, a half dropperful at a time. Continue doing this until you get the desired relief. Be patient with yourself during this process. It may take a few days to settle on the best dosage, that’s normal.

You will know CBD is working when your anxiety lessons or disappears, when your migraines lighten up stop, when the pain is greatly lessened or gone and when you experience a better mood. Naturally, organically.

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