CBD – How Will I know it’s working?

“CBD – How will I know it’s working?” We hear it all the time. Of course you want to know if CBD is effective for you. There are Tinctures that work from the inside. Then there are topicals like salves and creams to use externally. So, it’s helpful to use the right product to get the desired result. Many customers use the Tinctures and that’s perfect for them. Many others use mostly topicals for their physical discomforts. Some want to get relief inside and out, so they use both. We’re all so different. We want you to know that we’re here to help! If you have questions, call 720-770-0084. We’re awesome at returning calls. Try us and see!

With CBD, you need to know that the receptors in our body are completely depleted of CBD to begin with.

It may take a few days to remedy that. We all naturally have CBD receptors in our bodies. Once we’ve assimilated CBD into our system, it can begin to balance, calm, relieve pain and can help neurologically. There is a lot of experiential evidence of this phenomenon. Some evidence is backed by testing and research, but we need more studies. Unfortunately, large pharmaceuticals do most of the medical testing and that isn’t in their best interest in the case of CBD.

We do know this: 

CBD targets pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia and muscle aches as mentioned in Medical News Today.. It’s been approved by the FDA for children with epilipsy with science backed results..  The FDA has clearly shown that CBD is effective.Please read the many reviews on this site and all over the web. Real people are getting real results.

Our suggestion is to pay attention to your body

To answer the question, “How will I know it’s working?” After one or two days on CBD tinctures, you should begin to notice, appreciate and experience a positive change. Dosage is important. Always start low and if you experience no relief or just a small amount, after one day, increase the dosage, a dropper full at a time. Continue doing this until you get the desired relief. Be patient with yourself during this process. It may take a few days to settle on the best dosage, that’s normal.

When it comes to our CBD Infused topicals, creams, salves, lotions, etc., it’s normal to need more in the beginning. You cannot overdose on topicals, so it’s safe to use whenever you hurt or are uncomfortable. Rub in well. The first day or two you might use the topicals six or more times a day. The beauty is in the fact that after you get the product in your system, and this happens with our customers over and over again, you don’t need as much. A week or two later, you may just need it once a day or every other day.

You won’t have to wonder “CBD – How will I know it’s working?” when your anxiety lessons or disappears, when your migraines lighten up or stop, when the pain is greatly lessened or gone and when you experience a better mood. CBD is a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Always consult with your physician before adding anything to your routine.

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