CBD for your Pets? Consumer Reports Says a big yes!

Should You Try CBD for Your Pet?

“People are using this cannabis compound to ease animal ailments with or without guidance from veterinarians, ” according to Consumer’s Reports. Read the whole article here. w.consumerreports.org/cbd/should-you-try-cbd-for-your-pet/. Mr. Powers, in this same article, goes on to say:

CBD is thought to have many therapeutic properties, but unlike cannabis’s other main compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it doesn’t get users high. And Powers, who is also vice chairman of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents, credits CBD for easing his dog’s distress.

Our customers love our CBD Tinctures for their four legged family members. There’s not a better way to love and care for your pets than to make their lives more comfortable. Our 10 year old Golden Retriever, Sonny, get’s his CBD every day. Without it he has a hard time getting up, preferring to lie down most of the day. With his daily CBD Tincture, now he plays with his buddy, a Golden Doodle named Harry, 9 months old. Harry and CBD are keeping Sonny active and his quality of life has improved immeasurably!

Read the reviews below and see why we answer a resounding YES to the question, “Should I try CBD for my Pets?”

Kimberly S. FIVE STAR REVIEW 0 4/06/2020

I’ve been giving this oil to my 9 1/2 year old, quite large, German Shepherd. I have seen a noticeable change in him! Much more active, less pain, more alive! I’m so happy I bought this for him! Thank you so much!”

Dana G. FIVE STAR REVIEW 05/24/2019

“Amazing for our older dog’s arthritisI Can’t believe how much this helped my older dog’s arthritis. After a few weeks of a morning and evening regiment of the CBD tinctures, my 13 year old golden lab mix went from shaking when standing on all fours, with her hind legs giving out occasionally to now walking two miles, pulling me the entire way and then bounding up and down the stairs several times per day. She even started jumping up on my bed again. We are working back to walking four miles per day that she used to do last Fall. My guess is we will reach that target soon. This product has made our Katie happy again and seemingly pain free.”

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