1000 mg CBD Tincture

Paired with

Body Creme 500


THE TOTAL package is a great CBD Combo. The 1000mg CBD Tincture works from the inside while the Body Creme 500 works from the outside, topically. Together they work synergistically.

Our 1000 mg CBD Tincture

is a combination of very light Organic Coconut oil combined with Lab Tested CBD Isolate. That’s all. There are no additives or flavors added. Our tinctures don’t taste like some of the tinctures on the market. Ours have a delicious, light taste. There is 00.00% THC in our products.  Every bottle has a QVC Code tracing to that product’s lab results. lists CBD as having good potential for pain relief, anxiety and depression.

One of our customers, JW, gives our tinctures a FIVE STAR RATING. On 4/16/20 he sent us this review:

” Awesome for sleep. I take about 7 drops of the 500 mg before bed for sleep. Best CBD for sleep I’ve found, and more affordable than some less effective brands I’ve tried. My watch shows 4+ hours deep sleep on this stuff, and without it I’m lucky to get 2-3! Highly recommend.”

Body Creme 500

has a whopping 500 mg of CBD in every bottle. Body Creme 500 is a light, easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory CBD Infused Creme for use on your sore muscles and achy joints, old injuries,  arthritis pain and chronic muscle pain. Our customers have reported dropping OTC pain meds in favor of this organic, natural alternative. Similarly, has much to say about the healing benefits of CBD.

Margaret C.  gave Body Creme 500 a FIVE STAR RATING on 04/10/2020
Pain Relief! I use the Body Creme for pain from sciatica every night and occasionally during the day if needed with good relief. I hardly take Ibuprofen anymore. I have also used the salve and it works well too.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE  is a good way to attack inflammation. CBD is a know anti-inflammatory. Dr. Bauer from the Mayo Clinic reports that CBD studies show “it seems to be pretty good for anti-inflammatory..”  Our customers’ reviews show that they agree. This TOTAL PACKAGE gives you the tools to fight inflammation from the inside and out at the same time.