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  1. what do you mean cbd is concentration? also what is Tinture? do the different bottle amounts all contain the same cbd? thanks, Carole Block…

    1. Hi Carole, thanks for such great questions! Our concentration is simply a mixture of Lab tested, pure CBD & Pure, Certified, Organic Coconut Oil.
      We offer differ concentrations ( or amounts) of CBD in various dosages. For instance the 1000mg CBD tincture has 1000 milligrams of CBD mixed with certified organic coconut oil. Each bottle of Tincture (which is the CBD and the Coconut oil) has a total of 1000 grams of CBD. So, since there are 30 doses (one month’s supply) in a 1 oz bottle, each dose, or dropper full, has 33.3mg of CBD. You can look at the MAYO Clinic CBD Usage Guidelines on our site’s home page to determine how much you want your dosage to be. In our experience, most adults use the 500mg or the 1000mg Tinctures and take 1 dropper full a day, at night, right before going to sleep.

      The different bottles all have a different amount of CBD in them, in varying degrees of concentration.
      The 500mg CBD Tincture has 500mg of CBD with 30 doses in a bottle, with 16.6mg per dropper full.
      The 1000mg CBD Tincture has 1000mg of CBD with 30 doses in a bottle, with 33.3mg per dropper full.
      The 2000 CBD Tincture has 2000mg of CBD with 30 doses in a bottle, with 66.66mg per dropper full.
      I’m sure others have had the same questions, so thank you so much for asking Carole! -Joan

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