Take Care of You (Inside & Out)

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Isn’t it time to take care of YOU? This set helps you do just that, inside and out.

Take care of inflammation from the inside out with our 500 mg CBD Tincture. Take care of inflammation from the outside in with these two topicals: Body Creme 500 & Extra Strength Roll On.


Take CBD Internally & Topically for best results, calming inflammation inside and out simultaneously!

For arthritis pain, muscle pain and joint pain, Body Creme 500 + CBD,  is the answer. It works fast!

For headaches you’ll love Extra Strength Roll On + CBD! Use on your temples, rub in well. Feel the calm.

To  combat inflammation from the inside out, our CBD 500 mg Tincture is the way to go. 500 mg is a good place to start. For dosing suggestions by the Mayo Clinic click here.

For a limited time, get all three and save!