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CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask

Paired with

GLOW CBD Facial Scrub


Are you ready to get your GLOW on?  This spa set will do the job. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, according to Dr Bauer with the Mayo Clinic.  One thing your skin needs less of is inflammation and this Facial Scrub and Dead Sea mud mask are here to help!

This CBD Mud Mask is a home spa treatment.

Contains 550 MG  CBD Isolate!

This CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask works in just one application. It’s Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, Anti-Anxiety, and it’s a Pore Reducer. Your face will feel tingly clean and refreshed after just 20 minutes of deep detoxification. In addition, this mask does not dry your skin out. It never gets hard. The result is a super silky, moisturized skin.  CBD as a topical is a perfect, natural solution for a glowing complexion. It soothes and calms while the Dead Sea Mud penetrates to clean out toxins and impurities. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask + CBD will help you get you GLOW on!


GLOW gently cleans, calms and moisturizes.

GLOW helps give you glowing, radiant skin. It unclogs pores, exfoliates, soothes, brightens and moisturizes your skin. Dead skin cells leave your complexion dull and dry. GLOW  + CBD cleans, heals and moisturizes. It feels and smells like a luxurious spa treatment. GLOW will help your complexion shine. Getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face is the first step, then it cleanses, unclogs pores, removing irritants.  GLOW soothes, brightens and moisturizes. CBD and Jojoba Beads are winners at soothing, moisturizing and healing. Jojoba beads gently clean your skin.  CBD is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it brings calm to an irritated complexion. GLOW CBD Facial Scrub is full of anti-inflammatory & antibacterial ingredients and it boosts cell regeneration.

This SPA SET is the path to self care. Take care of your complexion and you’ll love the aromatherapy you’ll experience in the process.

This SPA SET makes a great gift too!