CBD Full Size Starter Kit

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This is the perfect CBD Starter Kit.   $154. Value
This Set contains a Full Size Muscle Salve,  Body Creme 500 and a 500 MG CBD Tincture. The Salve is for pain, the Body Creme is for muscle and joint aches and pain and the 500 MG Tincture is the perfect starting dose of CBD for adults.

This CBD Starter Kit is a great place for you to start your CBD experience: 

                                     This Set contains: 

Full Size Muscle Salve,

Body Creme 500 and a

500 MG CBD Tincture.

This CBD Starter Kit is where you should start. Our Salve  + CBD is for muscle pain, the Body Creme with 500 mg of CBD  is for muscle and joint aches and pain and the 500 MG Tincture is a good starting dose of CBD for adults.

Our CBD Infused Muscle Salve

is designed to pamper your skin while delivering a potent dose of CBD. It is hand made with argan organic oil as well as skin-loving olive oil and beeswax. In addition, we also add some organic peppermint essential oil to help it penetrate into your skin.

Body Creme 500

is a light, easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory CBD Infused Creme for use on your sore muscles and achy joints. Old Injury?  Arthritis?  Injury? Chronic muscle pain? Yes! CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, it’s used in reducing pain and achiness. Our Body Creme 500 has a whopping 500 mg of CBD! Customers have reported dropping OTC pain meds in favor of this organic, natural alternative.

Our CBD Tinctures

have only 3 ingredients, CBD Isolate (99%+ pure), organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil.

One serving is one dropperful (1ml). There are 30 servings per 1oz. bottle.

In conclusion, the flavor is very mild, with just a hint of coconut from the organic coconut oil. CBD Isolate has no flavor and we do not add any flavors or colors. This tincture comes in a 1 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle. Keep away from extreme temperatures and use within 1 year.  Shake well before using.


  • Locally sourced from Colorado farmers
  • Non GMO
  • Organically Grown
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Lab-tested for purity

CBD – How Will I know it’s working?

We all naturally have CBD receptors in our bodies. Once we’ve assimilated CBD into our system, it begins to balance, calm, relieve pain and can help neurologically. There is a lot of experiential evidence of this phenomenon. Some evidence is backed by testing and research, but we need more studies. Unfortunately, large pharmaceuticals do most of the medical testing and that isn’t in their best interest in the case of CBD. We do know this: CBD targets pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia and muscle aches. It’s been approved by the FDA for children with epilipsy with science backed results..  Please read the many reviews on this site and all over the web. Real people are getting real results.

Pay attention to your body. After one or two days on CBD tinctures, you should begin to notice, appreciate and experience a positive change. Dosage is important! Always start low and if you experience no relief or just a small amount, after one day, increase the dosage, a half dropperful at a time. Continue doing this until you get the desired relief. Be patient with yourself during this process. It may take a few days to settle on the best dosage, that’s normal.

In conclusion, you will know CBD is working when your anxiety lessons or disappears, when your migraines lighten up stop, when the pain is greatly lessened or gone and when you experience a better mood. Naturally, organically.