Check or cash only. It’s true….but only temporarily…

Yes, it’s true.  The Banking System in the US has shut down Credit Card Processing for the CBD Industry. As far as I can tell, those accepting credit cards are running them through Canada or other countries. It’s okay. Things will settle down. The local governments, federal governments and the banking systems have to figure out a way to co-exist in this new booming industry. 

The most important thing to remember with all of these CBD Industry changes is that we must protect the consumer. Some businesses don’t test for microbes, contamination, shelf life requirements and they don’t have a verified Farm to Customer chain of certification. It’s inevitable for all of the current changes to take place, it’s  a weeding out of potentially unsafe products.

To all of our customers: Be assured, we have the lab testing to prove that our products are pure. We are registered with the FDA and are licensed through the city of Denver, CO.

Patience. This will pass. Companies are popping up all over to fill the void. We at Products by by Mahoney Ltd. aren’t panicking  or forcing anything. We’re being deliberate, very careful, no rushing here. When there’s a viable, safe, reputable way to process our customer’s credit card purchases, then we’ll implement it. 

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